Actor : Frank Drank

Hollywood Adventures
154 min Action, Adventure, Comedy 8 January 2016
A young man goes from China to Hollywood on short notice to find his girlfriend. He ends up connected with two others in his quest, which gets much more complicated than he envisioned.
IMDB Rating : 5.2/10 (361 votes)
Director : Timothy Kendall
Stars : Wei Zhao, Xiaoming Huang, Dawei Tong
129 min Action, Crime, Drama 4 December 2014
Ethan Tell is a small time crook who makes a big-time score when he steals 1 million dollars. Ironically, his life radically changes for the worse when he discovers that stealing the money ... See full summary »
IMDB Rating : 5.6/10 (1.145 votes)
Director :
Stars : Jennifer Aniston, Oscar Nuñez, Milo Ventimiglia
Goodbye World
139 min Comedy, Drama 4 April 2014
When a mysterious terrorist attack causes chaos in the cities, a group of friends take refuge in their countryside cabin. But the challenges of living in a post-apocalyptic world soon take their toll on relationships within the group.
IMDB Rating : 5.5/10 (5.808 votes)
Director :
Stars : Moby, Mckenna Grace, M.C. Hammer
Holiday Road Trip
128 min Comedy, Drama, Romance 1 December 2013
Two feuding pet shop employees fall for each other while escorting a celebrity dog on a Christmas promotional tour.
IMDB Rating : 5.8/10 (288 votes)
Director :
Stars : George Hamilton, Wink Martindale, Patrick Muldoon
The Ballad of Danko Jones
24 min Short, Action, Drama 1 June 2012
The Ballad Of Danko Jones is a short intriguing story of Canadian rock band Danko Jones trying to save the world from an evil scientist whilst escaping multiple hit men out to get them. The... See full summary »
IMDB Rating : 7.4/10 (17 votes)
Director :
Stars : Lemmy, Ralph Macchio, John Calabrese