Actor : Conchata Ferrell

Citizen Tony
12 min Animation 17 June 2016
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IMDB Rating : 0/10 (0 votes)
Director :
Stars : Brad Renfro, Louie Anderson, Ian Baggs
138 min Comedy, Fantasy, Horror 4 December 2015
A boy who has a bad Christmas ends up accidentally summoning a festive demon to his family home.
IMDB Rating : 6.2/10 (43.441 votes)
Director : Michael Dougherty
Stars : Adam Scott, Toni Collette, David Koechner
87 min Animation, Comedy, Family 5 October 2012
Young Victor conducts a science experiment to bring his beloved dog Sparky back to life, only to face unintended, sometimes monstrous, consequences.
IMDB Rating : 7/10 (69.904 votes)
Director : Tim Burton
Stars : Catherine O'Hara, Martin Short, Martin Landau
126 min Comedy, Comedy, Family 25 June 2007
Inept Salman comes to help his sister-in-law tend to his holy terror nephews while Salman's brother is off fighting in Iraq. Salman must take a humiliating job as a giant blue corporate ... See full summary »
IMDB Rating : 6.7/10 (4.093 votes)
Director :
Stars : Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chris Parnell, Teri Garr
Mr. Deeds
136 min Comedy, Romance 28 June 2002
A sweet-natured, small-town guy inherits a controlling stake in a media conglomerate and begins to do business his way.
IMDB Rating : 5.8/10 (117.080 votes)
Director : Steven Brill
Stars : Adam Sandler, Winona Ryder, John Turturro